Posts From September, 2020

Know Your Margins

Providers often enter into agreements with vendors and once these agreements are in place, they are never reviewed again. Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence with pharmaceutical vendors where margins can be slim at best. Over time, the cost of these medications rise and reimbursement either shrinks or stays the same. This leads to diminishing […]

Contracts, Contracts, Contracts

Insurance contracts are one of the most valuable assets to any medical practice. However, as time goes by, offices put them in a filing cabinet or even misplace them never to be seen again. When we consult for a practice in dire straights, one of the first items we ask to review are the insurance […]

Staff Assessments

Many practices often ask why staff assessments are needed on an ongoing basis. Managers and providers often think that once a person is established in a role, the practice should run like a well oiled machine. Unfortunately, failure to check in on current process and responsibility leads to blended unfocused roles and many times lost […]

To Telehealth or Not To Telehealth

As providers continue to navigate the new norm due to COVID, we have many providers asking do I provide telehealth or not. For some specialties, such as primary care, this decision is a no brainer. However, for some specialties such as orthopedics, many providers feel it is not a good fit. While you can’t do […]