Staff Assessments

Many practices often ask why staff assessments are needed on an ongoing basis. Managers and providers often think that once a person is established in a role, the practice should run like a well oiled machine.

Unfortunately, failure to check in on current process and responsibility leads to blended unfocused roles and many times lost revenue. Processes can get stale or even obsolete making a person or practice work harder and not smarter.

Assessments of staff can pinpoint inefficiencies or even that a practice has the wrong person in a role. For example, not all front desk people like to ask patients for copays and deductibles wreaking havoc on practice cash flow. Managers may have been doing a certain procedure one way for ten years not realizing that technology has advanced and items can be automated.

While doing things like they have always been done may be comfortable, not evolving or revisiting could be detrimental.

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